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The New Year’s Address


Say goodbye to old golden horse year, welcome the new sheep year. At the beginning of the new year, on half of Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd, thanks to all the leaders and friends from all over the world supporting & caring about us, wish everybody happy new year, healthy body & family happiness!
Pengfei faces to a complex situation & withstand a great test in 2014. Facing to slow down domestic economic increasing & many difficulties for excess capacity, we calmly face it & overcome problems, focus on the general thought ‘seek for breakup with scientific innovation, improve production strength management, upgrade quality and improve efficiency to promote upgrading and extend market’, upgrade service quality, extend international market via adjust product structure to keep economic stable development.   
2014 is large increasing of industrial base construction. General office building is complete, total investment of new branch is RMB680,000,000, national building material machinery manufacturing base with capacity of 300,000ton. Mainly produce new type industrial kiln (cement rotary kiln, nickel rotary kiln, coal upgrading rotary kiln, lime rotary kiln, various rotary dryer) and energy-saving grinding equipment (tube mill, roller press, vertical roller mill, pre-crushing mill), supply cement project turnkey service. Until now, Pengfei Group has possesed four manufacturing base and one seaport assembly base, total area is 1200acres, building workshop is 350,000 square meters, become the best-equipped building material machinery group of domestic industrial chain.  
We gained abundant scientific innovation achievements in 2014. Energy-saving accumulation energy new technology industrial institute successfully inaugurated, speed up the development of new technology and new equipment. Return powder middle-entering type closed-circuit energy-saving ball mill is listed as national important new product, multi-dimensional vibration cast process and key technology equipment gain technical innovation award and Jiangsu Provincial mechanical scientific & technological achievements, graduate workstation has been approved to set up the project by Jiangsu Province Science & Technology agency.     
Look back on the past, we feel gratified; Look into the future, we are filled with pride and enthusiasm. 2015 will be the key year for upgrading & transformation. Though world economy has lots of certainties, our production & management still face serious challenges. But when the economy of our country keep increasing, under the strategic support of one guide & one lead, our group will have a relative stable operating environment. As long as we stick to the general arrangement, we could upgrade quality security system, management level, improve operating performance, fully implement annual production & operating target.
New year begins, everything looks fresh and gay. We believe that wisdom & hardworking Pengfei personnel will not stop in the forward road, face the difficulty,  badly innovate, hardly struggle, work hard to create new face for Pengfei and commonly create better tomorrow of Pengfei.