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Grinding system energy consumption and fine management
Eliminate sick functioning is a premise of fine operation , grinding system of sick functioning performance mainly are: 1. instability of raw material.  2. high consumption of grinding body . 3. grinding in poor ventilation. 4. high deviation of product quality.
Instability of raw material: Stability of limestone and other auxiliary material: particle size, water, etc.. Stability of clinker quality. Use free calcium oxide measure quality.
High consumption of grinding body: Mixed loading with steel balls of different quality. Can't  clearance regularly; Diaphragms plate and export sieve plate often get blocked; Ball ball loss is more than 100 g/t; Grinding roller of vertical mill and roller mill's  wear faster, and the life is less than half a year.
Big product quality deviation: Product ingredient and fineness have big changes, and the inspection qualified rate is less than 60%. Do not proceed the assessment of  standard deviation. It’s not enough only to take the cumulative kind is to explain the stability of the system.
The core of fine operation requirements: Take the lowest energy consumption for the pursuit of goals, and promote the realization of the other index. It's the symbol of high level enterprise management. Meet the national requirements on environmental assessment requirements. Advanced enterprise culture contains the greatest productivity.
The consumption reduction should be the first index: in four major economic indicators of table production, quality, consumption and operation rate, only consumption is the soul index, affects everything. Compared with other index, the consumption reduction should still be the first.
Carry out the environmental protection requirements: Environmental protection index such as reducing dust emissions, reduce SO3, NOX emissions, noise pollution, and high chrome brick, etc.. Improve the working conditions for employees and equipment operating conditions thoroughly. Undertake the social responsibility and their own sustainable development requirements, and absorb a large number of other industrial waste and living garbage.
To establish the advanced enterprise culture: any modern enterprises needs excellent enterprise culture which can promote the enterprise benefits, produce immeasurable tremendous impetus to the development of enterprises. It's the enterprise leadership, especially the owner's value idea, behavior principle and moral norms concrete manifestation. It needs long-term cultivation, leadership physically to shape.
New dry process cement enterprise situation: Take production as the first assessment index, and all the enterprise business activities take yield as success. They can struggle equipment operation for yield, and neglect the quality. Neglect the consumption. With inaccurate enterprise measurement and  power consumption assessment.
Everything for production performance: output is released to all the staffs as the first goal, affect the income directly. Make equipment state affect operation as the highest standard, and is forced to repair,  is still running in spite of illness after repairing. Each operation person mskes safety as the principle. Only be willing to undertake the technological transformation for the improvement of yield.
The drawbacks of valuing the production index only: 1, increase the heat loss. 2, reduce the quality.  3, reduce operation rate of struggling equipment . 4, difficult to carry out the technical transformation to reduce the energy consumption as the center of target.
Everything for production is not wise:  relationships of production and consumption : high output does not necessarily mean low consumption ; But low consumption must be high production. Enterprise gets the profit as the ultimate goal. 1 million tons production line, take each ton of cement 20 yuan profit, when multi-purpose 2 KWH/t cement,  the profit reduction is equivalent to less production of  50000 tons/year. Non-intact operation rate make heat consumption increased 20 kcal / kg of clinker is very easy, but to increase the ten thousand tons of production is easier said than done.
Why the energy consumption is the first index of enterprise: From social, protect the earth  environment, reduce the greenhouse effect, protect human health. The sustainable development of national economy, slow down the irreplaceable resource consumption speed; From the enterprise, energy consumption has occupy more than 1/2  of cement production cost , China's current level of energy consumption is on the high side, which has great potential to dig. It's surely  the core of inside enterprise four major economic index.
Relations of heat loss and table production: Low heat loss mus be with hig htable production, also must be large scale; The one-sided pursuit of table production does not necessarily mean lower heat loss, even can increase the heat loss. Only the low heat loss can create conditions for  the table production improvement; Struggle table production is undesirable.
Limitations of "Quality first" policy: 1. The product quality and yield should be compared in the first place. 2. The concept of quality in continuous development. (1) The quality excess is a kind of waste. (2) the quality is no longer stay in reliable basis. (3) Technical progress is  life of the high performance quality. (4) Any high performance quality must have value of using.
Relationship between heat loss and quality: Homogeneous and stable production is the premise to achieve high quality and low energy consumption. The quality of high power consumption cement is not necessarily good, especially in poor grindability of clinker, gringing enercy will be higher. High quality of clinker is not with necessarily heat consumption.
The high rate of operation goal is not accurate: 1. The intact operation rate  examine the equipment management level is more scientific, is one of the conditions of lower power consumption. 2. The high operation rate is not all conditions of low consumption. 3. Low consumption means cost low, plenty working fund, and purchasing high quality materials and accessories, which is helpful to improve the operation rate.
Relationship between the heat loss and the operation rate: Low power consumption is useful to the most operation rate, motor reducer power will be plenty. The one-sided pursuit of operation rate will lead to power consumption increasing. High operation rate does not stand for the advanced power consumption indicators. Can't realize homogeneous and stable operation, power consumption increasing, reduce the  operation rate.
Other index cann't be used as the core target: Labor productivity. Environmental protection. Civilization production and health. Enterprise culture construction. They are all the requirements of the first-class enterprise can not be ignored, but they cann't be used as the core target.
Make energy consumption as the first goal is a leap of management thoughts: 1. To reduce electricity consumption can make allowances for grind production increasing. 2. Height consistent of power consumption reduction and cement quality. 3. Power consumption reduction can be helpful for the operation rate. 4. Consumption reduction is a real skill of an enterprise management.
Why consumption reduction is a real skill of an enterprise management: only lower consumption is the most difficult to achieve in the four enterprise basic economic indicators of yield, quality, consumption andoperation rate.
Homogeneous stability is the first condition of grinding energy saving: 1. Raw material quality stable is bear the brunt of requirements. 2. Equipment in good operation rate may be homogeneous and stable. 3. The stabilized operation is the premise to choose the best parameters.
New dry process cement production requirements and features: homogeneous and stable.
First requirement of stable quality of the raw materials: quality requirements of all kinds of raw materials. Raw material, particles segregated opposition mill and roller mill, water content fluctuation. Pulverized coal, the use of hot air to the influence of water. Cement, the requirement of the clinker should not be as low free calcium as better. Choice of grindability raw materials.
Grinding way of energy saving and consumption reduction: 1. Make energy consumption index as the first assessment index.  2. The formulated basis of grinding product index.  3. Purchase cost-effective equipment. 4. The dialectical relationship pursuit of mature technology and advanced technology. 5. Instrument information collection makes control as the final purpose. 6. Avoid electricity peak can only save the electric charge instead of the electricity.
The formulated basis of grinding product index: It’s not the thinner the better which not only affected the energy consumption, but also reduce the product quality. The superfine malady of raw material, coal and cement. To create conditions for the next process is a measure standard of product quality.
Choices of mature technology and advanced technology Purchase cost-effective equipment: High wear-resisting performance grinding body. The small steel balls replace the steel forging in grinding machine. The application of antifriction bearing. excellent grinding roll, etc.

 Comparison of final grinding technology between raw material rolling machine and vertical mill. Comparison of combined grinding process between cement vertical mill grinding and roller press tube mill. The former is an advanced technology which standard is energy saving. The latter is a mature technology sign of maturity is with more users, and reduce the risk of designer, manufacturer and user. While the obsolete risk will be higher of the non energy-efficient technology. The application of grinding aid, the high quality grinding aid manufacturer is not optional choose grinding users, but depends on the mill's control ability.

Instrument information collection:Make control as the final purpose, accuracy rating and feedback time as the most important index. Online detection of the particle size composition of the powder material.