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Transfer used gear hobbing mahine

Transfer used gear hobbing mahine
Jiangsu Pengfei Group has two used gear hobbing machines which can be transferred. Please check following technical parameter. These two hobbing machines were installed in workshop right now and they are operated in normal condition. Now we find local and overseas buyers. If you are interest in our hobbing machine, please contact us.
Contact person: Mr. Wang  13606276076
Technical parameter for Y31500A gear hobbing machine (1)

S/N Name  Parameter  Remark 
1 Diameter of working table 3700mm  
2 Max machining diameter 5000mm  
3 Max machining mudule 30mm  
4 Machining height  1500mm  
5 Max loading  30t  
6 Main motor  30kw(DC)  
7 Vertical pillar quick motor 11kw(DC)  
8 Motor for hydraulic station 6.7kw  
9 Overall dimension of lathe 12m*4m*5m L*W*H
10 Total weight of lathe About 130tons   
11 Origin  Wuhan Heavy lathe factory  
12 Origin production time October, 1993