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20,000 tons to 100,000tons per year super fine calcium carbonate production line


Aiming at the special demands from chemical industry about super fine grinding Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd recognizes and absorbs the advanced technology about German super fine ball mill, forms the equipment fabrication about fineness 2-25μm large-scale micro-fine powder from 2 to 100000tons per year, and supply the complete technical proposal. It is widely used for the super fine grinding of chemical raw materials such as titanium oxide, alumina, calcium carbonate, its fineness can reach nanometer grade, and also it can be used for nanometer material production. Matched with German classifier has exported into many foreign countries such as Vietnam and Venezuela. Jiangsu Kunshan Taijia Glass Limited Company- Taiwan funded enterprise is the largest microcrystal glass manufacturer in Asia, its super fine ball mill is fabricated by Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd. Other users at home are Zhejiang Jiande Fine Calcium Industry Limited Company, Zhenjiang Titanium oxide Limited Company, Jiangdou New Jinghui Special Refractory Limited Company, Anhui Tongling Anda Limited Company, Anhui Wind Calcium Industry Limited Company, Guangdong Meiyan Group, Shanxi Jufeng Kaolin Limited Company and so on. Jiangsu Pengfei Group supplies all the equipments for the complete production line included rotary kiln super fine calcium carbonate production line, crushing, conveying, grinding, classifying, dust collecting, packing.        

High hardness material: silicon carbide, corundum, garnet, boron carbide,zirconia,zircon sand,rubellite

High-purified materials: crystal, alumina, fluorescent powder, Lithium (Manganese) Cobalt oxide

Plastic materials: All kinds of resin products

Porosity materials: Silica (delustering agent)  

Light quality layered structure materials: Mica, Talc powder, Graphite

Heat sensitive materials: Carbon powder for copies, pesticide, various color blender

Nonmetallic mineral: Brucite ,calcium carbonate, silica, barite, bentonite, Kaolin

Rare earth material: rare earth oxide, rare earth metal