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1000000 tpy slag micro powder production line


Jiangsu Pengfei Group supplies complete proposal and process equipments of annual production capacity 1000000 tons slag micro powder production line

Slag shipping and conveying    slag is transported into wharf by ships; is lifted and discharged into the belt conveyor by the grab bucket and then arrive at the site, after that it is conveyed into the dryer to carry out the drying by forklift, and then it is conveyed into reservoir by the elevator, the unit storing quantity is 20000tons, discharged slag from silo bottom is conveyed into the first chamber by belt conveyor and elevator.    

Slag grinding     slag grinding system adopts closed and circulating grinding system which is consist of 1400×450 rolling machine, ф3.8×13m ball mill, 0-SEPA3000 high production separator。 Mixed material from mill first chamber is ground in the mill, ground materials is fed into 0-Sepa separator through bucket elevator, however air flow with dust will enter into the selector to treat, selected coarse materials by separator and coarse powder selector will return into the mill to grind again by the trough, but the fine powder will enter into two sets high efficient bag filters separately along with the air flow, collected slag powder will be conveyed into slag silo by the elevator that feed into the silo. Purified air will be discharged into the atmosphere, and the normal discharging content is not more than 50mg/m3.

Storage and bulk   Six ф10×18mcement storage silos are established, and the total storing volume is 6000tons. At every silo bottom there is one bulk system to carry out the bulk dispatch, and delivery ability of every set is 100t/h. 

Compressed air   The company had four 220 m3/min oil-free lubricating air compressor, compressed air is supplied into bag filter and all the pneumatic devices to use after purifying and treatment by dryer and water-oil selector.