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Equipments for 2,000,000tons per year cement grinding process


Complete proposal and process equipment of 2,000,000 tons per year is supplied by Jiangsu Pengfei Group. This project adopts Φ4.2×13m open circuit tube mill, 170-140 rolling machine and 1200 V-type separator, consist of the extruding and united grinding process flow, form one separate and complete cement grinding, bulk and packing cement production line, the process is advanced, configuration level is relatively high, after finishing the construction it can form 2,000,000 tons per year cement production scale.

The project adopts the advanced process technology for cement production all over the world, after putting into operation it can achieves high quality, cleaning, low consumption and high production capacity, high technology is widely extended in this 2,000,000 tons cement grinding project, and the project possesses the most advanced technology. Its production flow adopts high efficient combined and united grinding system, DCS distributing automatic control system, large-scale bad filter and other advanced equipments; quality control methods and facilities are perfect; quality is stable and reliable. All these can efficiently guarantee the product quality. In the production process the lowest energy consumption index, minimum dust discharge and other advanced indexes. Self-provided wharf so that it can guarantee raw material loading and unloading and delivery the goods are convenient and quick. Cement products adopts bagged or bulk form, it can serve for important projects, concrete mixing station, pipe factory, all kinds of industry and civil construction projects.