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Equipments for 500,000tons per year cement grinding process


Introduced by Star River Industrial Development Limited Company from economic cooperation Zone in Heilongjiang Province, Jiangsu Pengfei Group undertakes the construction of 500000tons per year cement grinding station in Russia, About the whole project Jiangsu Pengfei Group is responsible for the process design, supplying the main equipments of grinding, separating, dust collecting, packing and other systems. In the contract it requires that the specific surface area can reach 320 m2/kg,Drying system for mixed materials is not established separately, adopts drying and grinding integration mill. This is the new challenge in product quality, production process or equipment structures. Practice shows that the drying and grinding ingratiation cement mill designed specially by Jiangsu Pengfei Group entirely satisfy the requirements in the contract, so it successfully put into operation and acceptance, meanwhile received the good reputation from the owner.