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Process & Equipments of 5000tpd new type dry process cement production line


Main processing flow sheet

Using single hammer crusher for limestone crushing, the processe is vry simple and the eletrical composution is lower. Adopt vertical system for raw meal grinding, compare with tranditional middle discharging system and air swept system; it can save 5-7kW×h/t per unit raw material.

5 stage preheater was designed of low loss technology. The main structure feature is big spiral casing, short cylinder, in the meantime, there is guide plate and rectifier etc. So the system resistance reduce a lot. Compare with traditional preheater, the electrical consumption can be reduced to 15%-20%.

Clinker cooler is grate cooler with latest technology. The required air volume for cooling and waste gas is 0.6-0.8Nm3/kg-cl compared with second generation grate cooler. Therefore the electrical consumption for cooling air fan and waste gas exhaust fan can be reduced more than 20%.

For coal powder preparation, we using vertical mill. Compare with traditional produce flow sheet with air swept mill + dynamic separator + high concentration air tank pulse bag filter, it can save about 11.0kW×h/t per unit coal powder.

Except coal powder feeding to kiln and furnace, all the materials inside plant are transported by process equipments with high efficiency, energy saving, low consumption, in order to save electrical consumption as more as we can. In terms of bucket elevator for raw meal transportation to silo and preheater, it can save 2.5-3kW×h/t per unit.

Considering electrical saving, smooth and tight process flow sheet, reduce production chain, try to avoid material transportation in circle, shorten the transport distance and height, then the transport consumption can be reduced. Enforcing measuring, increasing efficiency, reducer consumption for raw fuel and product. Using various measuring equipments and tools with high quality and precision in all the important sections. Install various duct collecting equipments at all dust point to control the content, which can not only protect the environment, reduce pollution, but can reduce production loss for raw fuel and product. In the meantime, energy and production cost are reduced accordingly.

Belt bucket elevator is used for kiln inlet feeding. Air inlet is about 70000m3/h less than traditional air lift pump, it can increase the heat efficiency for preheater. Adopt circulating water system for equipment cooling water, the use ratio can be reach to 95%, saving water consumption. And we also make efforts to reduce heating loss on surface of equipment and tube. Choosing energy saving equipments, such as motor, fan etc. For fan and pump, VVVF electrical contract equipments are used. And we also choose energy saving equipments with high efficiency but low loss, such as transformer, contactor, lamps etc.

Main equipments


Equipment name

Type, spec. & performance

Limestone crushing

Hammer crusher

TKLPC20.22A  feeding size<1100mm,discharging size<75mm ;capacity: 700t/h

Siltstone crushing

Jaw crusher

PE-900X1200  feeding size<750mm,discharging size<150mm;capacity: 200t/h

Cone crusher

PYS-1215  feeding size <150mm,discharging size<30mm ;capacity: 200t/h

Limestone prehomogenization yard

Cantilever stacker
Bridge type scraper reclaimer

Stack capacity: 1400t/h

Reclaimering capacity: 500t/h

Siltstone prehomogenization yard

Mobile stacker

Stack capcity: 200t/h

Chain plate-type reclaimer

Reclaimering capacity: 110--130t/h

Raw coal prehomogenization yard

Travelling stacker

Stack capcity: 200t/h

Bridge type scraper reclaimer

Reclaimering capacity:: 100t/h

Raw meal grinding and waste gas treatment

Vertical mill

MLS4531,capacity360--400t/h;feeding moisture<6%,output moisture<0.5%;feeding size<100mm,output sizeR80μm<12%

Raw meal mill fan

Air volume:860000m3/h,full pressure:9500Pa

Kiln inlet high temperature fan

Air volume:860000m3/h,full pressure:7500Pa

High concentration electrostatic precipitator

BS930,electric field sectional area:~310 m2;air volume:820000m3/h;outlet dust content(standard)≤50mg/m3

Coal powder preparation

Vertical mill

MPF2116,capacity:38~45t/h;feeding moisture <12%,output moisture <1%;feeding size:<25mm, output size:R80μm<12%

Firing system

Rotary kiln

Φ4.8×74m,inclination:4%,support no.:3档;speed:0.6~4.0r/min,installed power:630kW;capacity:   5000t/d

Preheater and calciner

Five stage double series preheater + calciner
C1:4—Φ5.0m , C2:2—Φ6.9m,C3:2—Φ6.9m   C4:2—Φ7.2m,C5:2—Φ7.2m;calciner :Φ7.2x30.0m,capacity: 5000t/d

Control flow grate cooler

LBT36352,grate bed area: 119.6 m2 ;feeding temperature:1400℃,discharging temperature :65℃+ ambient temperature

Kiln outlet electrostatic precipitator

Air flow:550000m3/h, electric field sectional area:196m2;inlet dust content: ≤30 g/m3;outlet dust content:≤50mg/Nm3