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2500 Tons/Day Dry Process Cement Plant


Process Flow of 2500Tons/Day Dry Process Cement Plant:
The main process flow of this 2500t/d dry process cement plant is as follows:
1. Crushing, Conveying and Storing of Limestone.
First, limestone is crushed by the MB56/75 crusher. When the maximum feeding size is not more than 1500mm and the discharging size is not more than 75mm, the crushing capacity of this machine is 500 to 600t/h.
Second, the crushed limestone will be transported by belt conveyor to the Φ80m round prehomogenization yard whose storage capacity is 34100t.
Third, the crushed limestone will be prehomogenized and then stored in this yard. Additionally, the stacking capacity of our stacker is 800t/h, and the reclaiming capacity of reclaimer is 500t/h.
Finally, the prehomogenized limestone will be sent to the batching station for raw materials.

2. Storing, Crushing and Conveying of Auxiliary Raw Materials.
The open storage yard for sandstones has a specification of 60 m×20m, and a storage capacity of 5100t. And the open storage yard for iron ores has a specification of 32 m×20m, and a storage capacity of 2730 t.

PC1609 hammer crusher is used to crush both sandstones and iron ores. When the feeding size is not more than 600mm, and discharging size less than 25mm, its crushing capacity is 50 to 70t/h.

The crushed sandstones and iron ores will be sent by the belt conveyor to batching warehouse for storage.

The pulverized coal will be stored in the batching warehouse for storage through the self-discharging system.

3. Batching Station for Raw Materials.
In the batching station, there are four batching warehouses respectively for limestone, sandstones, iron ores, and pulverized coal, and their specifications are φ12 m×25m, and storage capacity are 2200t,1600t, 2200t, and 770t respectively. Inside these warehouses, there are weighing feeders used to measure materials to be given.

4. Grinding of Raw Materials and Waste Gases Treating.
MLS3626 vertical mill is used to grind raw materials, and waste gases from preheater are applied in drying. The whole production capacity is 185t/h.

Grinded raw meal is separated by the fine powder separator, and then mixed with powder in the conditioning tower and electric environmental protection equipment. Finally it will be sent to the homogenizing warehouse for homogenization as well as storage.

Waste gases from the mill will take purification treatment in the electric environmental protection equipment before discharged into the air.

5. Homogenizing of Raw Meal.
Our CP homogenizing silo has a specification of Φ18m×50m, and its effective storage capacity is 9000t.

6. Calcining and Storing of Clinker.
The specification of our RF5/2500 decomposition furnace isΦ4.0×60m, and our round 2-φ18×40m warehouse has an effective storage capacity of 2-10000t. Additionally, the final discharging gas has a dust content less than 100mg/m3 if in standard conditions.

7. Storing and Conveying of Raw Coal and Pulverized Coal.
Raw coal will be stored and prehomogenized in a crane room with a specification of 21m×113m and a storage capacity of 9300t. There are two raw coal silos in the crane room, and weighing feeder can also be found in that room. A MPF1713 coal grinder is used to grind coal. When the moisture of feeding materials is no more than 10%, the moisture of pulverized coal is no more than 1%, and the particle size of raw meal is no more than 50mm, the output of the whole system is 20t/h.

The pulverized coal will be sent to two silos for storage, and the purified waste gas is discharged into the atmosphere. There is also measuring system in these two silos.

8. Drying and Conveying of Slag and Crushing and Conveying of Gypsum.
The drying capacity of ourφ2.4×18.350m dryer is more than 30t/h, and the open storage area has a storage capacity of 4000t. When the feeding size is no more than 600mm and the discharging size is no more than 25mm, the productivity of our PFC-1609 impact hammer crusher is 50 to 70t/h.

9. Grinding, Conveying and Storing of Cement.
In the cement batching station, there are four batching rooms respectively for clinker, gypsum, limestone and slag. And the clinker one has a specification of φ10 m×22m and a storage capacity of 2000t. The specification of batching rooms of gypsum, slag and limestone is φ8 m×22m, and their storage capacity is 800t, 400t and 900t respectively. The packaging capacity of packing machine is 90t/h.

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