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Ф4.6×14m cement mill


Production capacity: 140-150t/h(Feed size≤25mm,Feed integrated moisture≤1%,Feed temperature≤60℃,fineness of finished products≥3500cm2/g)

Rotary speed: 15.1r/min

Loading capacity of grinding body: 280t (Max 290t)


 Main motor YRKK1000-8 

Main reducer JS160-C (Sichuan Gear)

Transmitted power: 4500Kw, Rated rotary speed: 745r/min,output rotary speed: 15.1r/min

Lubricating thin oil station of sliding shoe bearing

Model: XGD-A2.5×2/80

Amount: Two units

Main parameter:

High pressure pump: Y112M-6   Power2.2×2kW  2.5L/min  32MPa

Low pressure pump: Y112M-4  功率3×3kW  80L/min

Cooling water consumption of sliding shoe bearing: 2×4m3/h

Equipment weight:350tons (excludes motor, reducer and grinding body)

Parts weight and scope of supply

Feeding device (including supporting frame) 5930kg 

Sliding shoe bearing (two sets)


Supporting bush body: ZG270-500       5800kg  Babbitt alloy          ZSnSb11Cu6     500kg      

Concave and convex sphere 34CrNi2MoA   1050kg

Spherical base ZG310-570         4500kg

Bottom plate Q235-B   thickness 85mm   7200kg

Roller45                  5600kg

Rotary part            287000kg


Shell                    103000kg

Mainly includes:

Shell steel plate Q235-C                    115000kg

Slip spring of sliding shoe 20g-Z25    19800kg×2

Web of sliding shoe 20g                        8950kg×2

Liner                                Chromium alloy

Discharging cover                      17600kg

Lubricating system of sliding shoe bearing (two sets)   3980kg

6、Main motor YRKK1000-8        

Rated rotary speed: 745r/min,rated power: 4500kW, rated pressure:  10KV

7、Reducer JS160-C  (Sichuan Gear))

Transmitted power: 4500kW,Rated rotary speed:745r/min,Output rotary speed:15.1r/min


Weight of main reducer system: 110000kg 

Total weight of equipment: 350000kg(excludes grinding body and driving device)